Santa Monica EV specializes in cost-effective solutions for different quadrants of the electric vehicle market.

  • Our AutoTurbo DriveTM works on everything from bikes, to small electric scooters up to light cars and trucks and economically delivers substantial performance improvements versus basic electric drive systems.

We manufacture our own proprietary controller and software which can be used with motors and batteries which you choose meaning minimal changes to your supply chain.

The system is ideal for heavy application like cargo bikes and trikes or high power application like speed pedelecs or scooters.

We partnered with Heinzmann Motors to offer a Cargo Bike Drive providing extreme torque which premiered at Eurobike. A scooter will be announced Fall 2017 from a major manufacturer.

  • We continue to roll out our BEAMts Sensor which offers a better means of measuring pedal torque for PAS electric bikes as well as a split system offering PAS and POD concurrently. It is now available on new ProdecoTech bikes and as a retrofit option on most of their existing bikes. GRINtech has a model designed for consumers and hobbyists.

  • Our ARCds Mid Drive System is a proven mid drive technology that delivers twice the torque while extending range up to 40% with almost no addition to the bill of materials.

We can integrate our technologies on your vehicle or design a vehicle from scratch. Our team can design, program and build customized controllers for almost any application and fabricate complete drives and evaluation vehicles.

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